Test Your Development Parts to the Limit with AIC’s New Vibration Tester

February 18, 2021

We’re very excited to have out latest piece of equipment up and running. The Sentek Electro-Dynamic Vibration Shaker is going to help the aftermarket industry durability test products under development.

Vibration shaking is an efficient way to validate the strength of development products without having to do a full drive-cycle of the vehicle.

The AIC can run swept-sine, sinusoidal and random vibration tests. A magnesium expander head allows up to 156kg, with a maximum 300kg load capacity without the magnesium head. Space in the chamber for products is 2.8m wide and 1.3m high.

If you are developing products that are going to be mounted on a vehicle, from body accessories to bull bars, tow bars, spotlights, unsprung mass and much more, we can help.

We also have the capability to assist with design and manufacture of custom mounting solutions.

We are not limited to automotive products either. If you have any product that needs vibration testing, we can arrange it for you.

Call us if you have a product requiring durability testing and we can put it through its paces!


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