Testing Services


Vehicle Level Testing

The AIC is a DOTARS recognised test facility and offers a range of high-quality dynamic vehicle testing services using state-of-the-art equipment, including a Torus-S60 steering robot by Anthony Best Dynamics along with Oxford Technical Solutions and Racelogic Inertial Measurement Units and sensors. This equipment allows full sign-off testing to ADR requirements, and also can be used for product development, research, and simulation.

  • ADR31 (Passenger Vehicle Brake)
  • ADR35 (Commercial Vehicle Brake)
  • ADR88 (Electronic Stability Control)
  • ADR89 (Brake Assist Systems)
  • ADR98 (Advanced Emergency Braking)

Component Level Testing

To validate durability of components, the AIC now offers specialised equipment to test and evaluate components.

Vibration Testing
We use a Sentek Electro-Dynamic Vibration Shaker to durability test your parts under development. We can run swept-sine and random vibration tests up to 300kg load capacity.

Hydraulic Durability
Our hydraulic durability rig has 25kN asynchronous testing capability and 100kN single acting loads. Up to 30Hz and multiple load case opportunities to test the fatigue or ultimate strength of your parts.

Tensile Tester
The AIC 100kN tensile and compression tester can test samples or components and provide technical data of the yield and failure points. Good for material testing, design strength, spring rates, or anything in between.

Shock Dyno
We can test shock absorber damping rates and profiles as well as temperature durability for product development or QA checking.


Custom Testing Solutions

With a cutting-edge workshop, huge range of equipment, plus qualified automotive engineers and 3D specialists, the AIC team can assist in your custom testing requirements.

Luke Truskinger luke@autoic.com.au or call (03) 9545 3333