3D Printing


Hand-in-hand with 3D scanning, the AIC boasts a suite of 3D printing technologies for a variety of applications. In addition to printing services, the AIC can host training on design for additive manufacturing, developments in the 3D printing space, and technical aspects of each machine.

3D printing

HP Jet Fusion by Evok3D

The HP580 JetFusion is a powder-based printer which can produce high-quality parts suitable for both visual assessments and production applications. HP sponsors 888 racing and several components on their V8 Supercar are manufactured using the Jet Fusion process.

3D Systems Figure 4 by Konica Minolta

3D systems Figure4 printer is available for printing small, highly detailed components for visual and ergonomic assessments. This printer has a wide range of available materials, including an elastomeric black material for rubber components.

Stratasys F370 by Fuji Xerox

The Stratasys F370 is a fused deposition printer with a relatively large build volume, which is excellent for printing prototype parts for package studies. Stratasys are world leaders in 3D printing technology.

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