AIC Services – Stability Control Testing

December 4, 2019

The Auto Innovation Centre will provide a range of testing and data services to the automotive aftermarket. In September and October the AIC began conducting ADR 88 Sine-Dwell testing. The test is required to demonstrate that suspension modifications to increase vehicle GVM comply with the Australian Design Rules.

The tests were conducted at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Anglesea, Victoria, using a state-of-the art steering robot purchased from Anthony Best Dynamics in the UK. The steering robot performs a repeatable, precise sequence of steering manoeuvres while an inertial measurement unit records the vehicle behaviour, which can be compared against the ADR 88 targets.

Having access to this equipment and the test expertise of the AIC staff allows Australian product development teams to give 4×4 drivers improve their vehicle capability and safety.

Test Enquiries
Ph: (03) 8513 9931
E: luke@autoic.com.au



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